© Huntingdon and St Ives Tang Soo Do
What’sHappening on 8th July? 7.54 am What happens? – The Torch is due to arrive in St Ives at 7.54am on Sunday 8 July.  It will pass through Sheepmarket, Market Hill, Crown Street, The Broadway, Ramsey Road and St Audrey’s Lane before moving on to arrive in Huntingdon at 8.18am.     How can the Club be involved? - We’d encourage sports clubs and groups to turn out in their club colours to wave the Torch through, to show off the wealth of sport we have locally. 9.15am What happens? –A Parade of Sports will form up ready to go from Priory Road (near Station Road) to Slepe Hall Field, moving off at about 9.30am and arriving at Slepe Hall just before 10am. How can the Club be involved? – Come and join the Parade!    As many of your members as you can manage, in kit, with kit if you can carry it!, bring a banner of who you are and again to show everyone what great sport and activity we have to offer. 10.00am – 12noon What happens?– Slepe Hall Field Silly Sports takes place.   With events such as School Sports, Torch Relay and Handbag Hurl, teams will battle it out to become St Ives Silliest Sportsmen; see poster attached!   How can the Club be involved? Please sign up and join in –we hope it will be very silly and not at all serious but          perhaps with a slight competitive edge… Is that it?? NO!!!!   What happens?-  on Slepe Hall Field, there will be an area for clubs to set up stalls to let spectators know who they are and what they do. There will also be space for demonstrations.  There is no charge for stalls (no commercial stalls – just clubs/groups) (You may also be interested to know that St Ives Youth Theatre are holding a world-record attempt for the biggest custard pie fight on the field, once the sports have finished!   Pies are available to buy, with proceeds going to charity. )