What is Tang Soo Do?

Tang Soo Do is a Korean Martial art, with it’s history dating back many centuries. The words translate from Korean to English as ‘Way of the China Hand” where Tang comes from the Chinese Tang Dynasty. Tang Soo Do also has a lot in common with Japanese Karate. The art is an art of self defence, which has both ‘hard’ and ‘soft’ elements within it, using kicking and punching techniques as the foundation for the defence. Tang Soo Do also utilises the staff, knife, sword and walking stick within its armoury, and a variety of different techniques for all of these are taught. Techniques are taught as individual and combination movements and these are choreographed into patterns or forms , these are known as Hyung’s in Korean and are similar to Karate’s Kata’s.

Who practices Tang Soo Do?

People from all walks of life, religion, culture and gender can be found in the Tang Soo Do training hall. Although the art originated in the East, there are no barriers or secrets that are kept from people outside of the Korean homeland.

What age limit is there?

Ideally we would like to say there is no age limit, but that would not be realistic! Students are accepted from the age of 5 years (4 years old in Tiny Tigers class). For the more mature student, we advise a consultation with both their doctor and prospective instructor before embarking upon a training program, and providing all agree, there is no real upper age limit.

How often should I train?

Like all activities, the more effort you put in, the more reward you will earn, the same applies to Tang Soo Do training. However, in the beginning a student attending two two-hour lessons each week should ensure a reasonable rate of progress  is shown. But remember that most techniques can be practised at home in the garden quite easily and will assist in the learning process.

What if I have a disability?

We try to accommodate all levels of physical ability in our students. We recognise that no two bodies are the same, and we are happy to fit you in, as long as your doctor agrees with a suitable training program.

What benefits will I get?

That’s almost down to the individual. Practitioners find it builds confidence, they become more disciplined as well as learning to defend themselves if need be. It keeps you fit and for most becomes a way of life. Children gain a lot of confidence as well as becoming more disciplined both at home and school. Many parents have even found their children’s school work has improved through their children’s training.

It teaches respect for elders and higher ranks and can give your child a goal in their lives and achievements for them to accomplish. It is also gives a chance to make new friends and can help them understand their physical abilities and limitations.

Adults find it helps them to build self-confidence and for some helps them cope with everyday stress. As well as learning to defend themselves it also gives the potential to protect our lives and possessions from injustice and danger and promotes physical and spiritual health so that we may enjoy strong  bodies and minds. Families that practice have found it has brought them closer as a family through having the same interests and sharing the same ideas. As well as helping to appreciate each other.For all those who practice, they have found it has made them an all-round better person in many ways, compared to when they had not practised Tang Soo do.

“If a parent can give their child a gift in life. The Gift of Self Defence is one to give. It is a gift for life!!”

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